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Shipping Policy

·        Shipping the Order

Your order will be sent to the shipping company within the specified period on the product page, after that it will be delivered to you according to the shipping company’s shipping options. The delivery period might change based on customs clearance processes in your state or country.

·        Shipping Costs

  1. If the products are on free shipping (or if the costs of shipping are part of the product price), there is no need to pay the shipping costs at the door in your country. If a shipping courier asks for any additional shipping costs (except for customs clearance charges), please contact us.
  2. If the products do not include free shipping, you will pay the shipping costs in advance on the store; and you do not need to pay anything to the shipping courier. If a shipping courier asks for any additional shipping costs (except for customs clearance charges), please contact us.
  3. Shipping rates vary from one state or country to another and they also vary based on the quantity and weight of what you have purchased.
    You can check out the shipping rates during the purchase process when you choose the destination of the shipment.

·        Shipment Tracking

Shipment can be tracked on the shipping company’s website using the shipment tracking number sent to you by SMS or e-mail.

·        Approved Shipping Companies

Loftry is focused on working with various shipping companies, the most famous of which is DHL Company.

·        Countries We Ship to

European Union Countries – the UK – the USA – Canada – Australia

·        Shipment Delivery

  • If you are not at home to receive the shipment, we will call you using your provided contact details. If you do not receive the shipment, the product will enter within the return policy.
  • When you receive your order you must check it and make sure that the product name and number match your order number.
    If you notice any problem or damage to the packaging, please call us to explain it and get our help. You can also find more details about the return policy.
  • When receiving broken part)s(, you must directly inform us and send a video showing the broken part. We will contact the supplier(s) and send you the requested part)s( as soon as possible. if the product was broken by a faulty installing, you might be asked to pay for it; if the product was broken by a fault while shipping, you will get the part requested for free.
  • If the product delivery from the seller to the shipping company was delayed, you can contact the customer care department.
  • If the product delivery was delayed from the shipping company, you can contact the shipping company’s branch in your region; you can also check out some information until you receive the shipment:
  • Make sure your shipping address is correct.
  • Check out the area surrounding your house or check with the neighbors.
  • Wait for two days as human mistakes are expected.
  • Make sure of any delivery note, this note will guide you and tell you about the steps you need to take to receive your shipment.