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Tie your room together, exhibit your style and create a beautiful ambiance with the right rug! Loftry's Rug Collection is here to impress with radiant colors, high-quality materials, eye-catching patterns and a variety of sizes.

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Kids’ Rugs

Kids’ rugs are loved by kids and their parents due to their bold colors and lively designs, so, if you want to discover the latest and most creative designs for your little ones check out our kids’ rugs collection now!

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Handmade Turkish Rugs are famous all over the world thanks to their beauty, organic color dyes, and unique oriental designs, so why don’t you discover their beauty yourself? Check out our handmade Turkish rugs collection which date back to 40-70 years now!

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How to Choose Your Rug

A renovation for choosing your perfect rug: Loftry gives you the convenience to choose your preferred rug by its size chart. Just press you preferred rug size and see hundreds of rugs that can be the perfect one for your room!

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Why Do You Need Rugs & Carpets at Your Home?

You may think a rug is just something that you place on the room's floor but in fact, it is way more than this. A rug can not only change the look and mood of a room, but it also has several benefits.

A rug is an essential addition for those who seek some needed warmth in the midst of winter. Choosing a rug can be one of the most important decisions that a homeowner could make. With a wide range of options out there in the markets, you need to make research to learn how to choose the right one for each room. Here are the top reasons why your home needs a rug:

1. Add color and texture

Some rooms are dark and need a bit of lifting with colors. If the floor is tile or wood, that could affect the general ambiance of the room and make it looks dark. Rugs play a key role in adding color and texture and lighten any room whenever you need them. Hallways with no windows could look unappealing but rugs are here to save the situation and lighten them.

2. Reduce noise

The additional barrier of rugs provides noise insulation making your rooms quieter. Rugs can be a convenient space-saving tool in reducing noise by absorbing sounds.

3. Protect your floor

A rug can help protect your floor against scratches, stains, and scuffs that can severely damage your floors over time. Place a rug in center areas such as the lounge room or in areas where your children play. You may consider a spill-resistant rug pad that will both protect your carpets and protect them from hardwoods and dye bleeds.

4. Cover an imperfection

If your floor has a problem such as cracked tiles, a rug could save the situation and fix such impoerfection. In addition, a rug will blend well with the rest of the furniture pieces in the room.

5. Ideal choice for home decor

A rug is perfect for any room such as kids bedroom, living room, dining room, bedroom, toddler room, indoors and outdoors. In short, a rug is suitable for all kinds of decoration styles.

How do you choose rug material?

The rug’s material determines both its durability and softness. Choosing the material for your rug depends on the place where you want to place it. We’ve rounded up the most common types of rug material to help you narrow down the options and make a better decision.


Soft wool fibers when compressed make the rugs comfortable and durable at the same time. In general, they are stain and dust-resistant but they can be a bit expensive.


Cotton is an alternative to wool and cheaper. These rugs are quite durable, soft, and machine-washable.


Silk rugs are very soft but can be very expensive. They have to be cleaned professionally that’s why you should place them away from center areas such as living rooms or children’s play areas.


Polypropylene rugs are made of synthetic material making them vibrant, soft, and affordable. They are stain-resistant and can be placed indoors and outdoors.


These rugs are similar to polypropylene/olefin rugs except they are slightly less durable.


Nylon rugs are one of the most common rugs in markets. They are similar to polyester rugs except they are less durable and are not machine-washable.

How to choose the right size rug?

There are many different rug sizes available, but choosing the right size depends mainly on your space. In order to choose the right size of a rug and place it perfectly, you will have to consider the size and shape of each room plus taking your furniture into account.

As a starter, think about the space. Are you looking for a rug to fill the whole room or are you defining a seating area? So how to determine the size you need? People yend to make the most common mistake when buying a rug by choosing a wrong size. They usually get a rug that’s way too small for their room or space.

Tips for choosing the right size rug for every space

The bigger the better

You probably want a rug that pulls the room together while adding a stylish touch to your furniture. A few inches can make a big deal to the final look so if you are choosing between two sizes, always go for the bigger one. Consider this as a long-term investment, it could cost more that’s true but it worth every penny you pay.

Check the room carefully

Keep the space of your room in mind while choosing the rug size. Make sure you choose large rugs for large rooms.

Visualize the final look

Use a tape to determine the rug’s size before buying it and always visualize the final look on your mind to get the exact size for every angle.

Rugs for all purposes

Kitchen Rugs

While choosing a rug for kitchen, you better choose an anti-slip and water-resistant one. A good kitchen rug will make you feel comfortable while standing and working in the kitchen. The bottom of it should be used on multiple surfaces such as tile, wood, ceramic and marble. Another important thing is choosing a rug that is easy to clean. Whether by swiping dirt, dust or being washed in the machine.

Kids Bedroom Rugs

The most important thing that a rug for kids’ bedroom should have is the anti-slip feature. Since it is an essential part of your kids’ special area where they spend most of their times. Kids’ safety is one of the most important priorities that parents focus on. In addition, to choosing a comfortable and soft rug that kids can play on happily.

Living Room Rugs

A rug for living room can provide extra comfort while adding an elegant style to the home decor. A rug with non-slip bottom makes abig deal especially in a center area such as the living room that may be crowded with children or guests.

Are Oriental rugs outdated?

Traditional oriental rugs will never go out of style, but it’s a matter of taste and choice. Some people are more into vintage style with all of its accessories and furniture. An oriental rug is definitely an authentic piece that gives a certain atmosphere that is totally different from contemporary style.

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