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MIRRORS 2021: Ideas, Trends & Modern Home Décor Furniture – Loftry


MIRRORS & modern home decor furniture

Mirrors are essential for dressing up your wall, making it look bigger, or even creating that illusion of another window. Mirrors can create the perfect balance in a room and give an area that luxurious touch. Mirrors come in many styles, shapes, and sizes according to your home which includes wall mirrors, leaning mirrors, frameless mirrors, round-framed mirrors, and much more. Keep reading to learn our top mirror decorating ideas for 2021.


Modern MIRRORS Ideas 2021



Mirror sets are very versatile as they can be placed up against a flat surface or even on any corner of your home. Mirrors work well with sofas or lounge spaces as they basically emphasize their beauty further by reflecting them onto the mirror set either onto another mirror if you have two mirror sets or onto the surrounding wall. Mirrors are also best placed in the corners of any room to break up all the right angles of a room, making your room more visually appealing and beautiful.



To give your home that luxurious feel, try placing 2-3 wall mirrors on top of each other at different heights in an L-shaped formation that will resemble a pyramid look. This technique is a great way to incorporate the luxury feel into your home while using minimal space to create it. Mirrors can also be placed in lines in a certain order to make them appear as one large mirror set when viewed from far away for that contemporary touch. You can create your own shape with the separate mirror set pieces 4 Piece Decorative Mirror 20 x 20 cm.



To make your room more appealing and larger, you can use mirrored furniture. Mirror furniture such as mirror tables will be the centerpiece of your house while also creating the illusion of a larger room. Also, you can use mirrored decors to create a beautiful ambiance in your room. Acar Glass Fringed Pedestal Stand Gold.


MIRRORS Trends 2021

Mirrors are an essential piece of your style. Mirrors not only provide the ability to aid you in completing your personal hygiene routine but they can be used in accessorizing the look of your room. Mirrored furniture is a popular choice when it comes to creating that contemporary LA-inspired style for many reasons. Mirrored furniture will give off the appearance of one large mirror while using space efficiently at the same time. Mirrors can also be arranged and strategically placed around a room to create that illusionary effect that makes it seem as if there's no end to them and larger than life effect for those Hollywood celebrities and socialites who like to showcase their lavish lifestyle with grandeur.



Mirrored furniture would usually include a wall mirror. Mirrors are placed against any plain, flat surface to enhance the decor of your room. Mirrors can be used on the floor or on the wall, without having too much effort to make them stand out in your home décor. Mirrors give off that grandeur look while also creating an illusion of more space, thus making it perfect for small apartments and homes with limited space. Also, a wall mirror combined with solid wood creates a beautiful picture in your room Dream Solid Wood Walnut Color 120x70 Mirror.


Mirrored furniture is best when you buy matching sets mainly because they will go well together with each other if they're paired up together in one piece of mirrored furniture. Mirrored furniture is not just used as standalone pieces but also couples up well with other accessories like side tables and candles.



Mirrors on the floor are definitely hot this year because of their glamorous appearance and outstanding design. Mirrors placed on the floor do not only serve as decorative pieces but can also be used as art pieces, which hold sentimental values for some people. Floor mirrors would give off a strong statement piece for any room while also catching attention at first glance. Mirrors on the floor do not necessarily need another mirror placed beside it like what other people think; instead, you can place it by itself. Mirrors on the floor are great for bringing some light into dark areas of your room especially if you have limited lighting sources in some rooms. Mirrors on the floor would also serve as an interesting focal point of your room.



Mirrors can be placed anywhere around the house, especially on walls. Mirrored walls would make a bold statement within any room while giving life to lifeless rooms with insufficient lighting. Mirrored walls would bring out the best in every corner of your home without overdoing things or having too much going on at one time. Mirrored walls could be more expensive than other wall decorations like paintings and frames but would definitely make a difference when used properly!


How to Decorate MIRRORS

Decorating mirrors is relatively easy due to their versatile usage in rooms, mirrors can be used in different ways in different rooms such as makeup & shaving mirrors in bathrooms, dresser mirrors in dressing rooms or bedrooms, and a decor mirror in every room of your choice. 


Mirrors can be fixed in a single frame or multiple frames to make it look elegant and stylish. Mirrored wall panels are also a great idea for decoration in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Mirrored furniture is also popular in modern homes especially the mirrored dressing table & mirror cabinet which could easily match your existing furniture and add an extra sparkle to any room. Mirrors can really enhance the decor of an entire house without having too much going on behind glass surfaces, that's why we love them so much: Solid Wood Natural Color 120x60 Mirror.

How to Arrange Furniture & MIRRORS

Mirror Arrangements: Mirrors should always be kept at least 60cm away from fireplaces and heat sources such as radiators and fires so they don't crack because of the heat. 


Bedroom Mirrors: If you have mirrored bedrooms your mirror should be placed above your side table so that you have a better view of yourself while preparing for your day.  Mirrors should not be placed opposite your bed, if they are then you will never feel like waking up. Mirrors in the bedroom should also feature framed designs or coverings that match around them.


Living Room Mirrors: Mirrors for living rooms can range from simple, small ones that show off a dramatic view of the room to more formal arrangements with bigger furniture pieces. Mirrored surfaces work well as accessories in open spaces because they visually expand the area.


Mirrors needn't even have to be functional at all – take advantage of their decorative qualities by using them as wall art. Mirrored coffee tables are especially trendy so make sure yours reflects light and expands space!


Small MIRRORS Ideas 2021:

Mirrors in a smaller bedroom can be used to create a focal point in the room, while also making it appear wider. Mirrors should be located across from your bed so that you have a better view when lying down.


Dining Room Mirrors: Mirrored dining tables are perfect for small dining rooms because they add glitter and glamor to the area without taking up much space. Mirrored dining room chairs with silver finishes also add a little touch of modern design to the table setting. Mirrored surfaces will double the amount of light entering into an indoor space, resulting in brighter rooms.


Colors & Materials: Grey is not only one of this year's favorite interior colors; it's also one of the best choices for decorating with mirrors. Mirrored furniture pieces are a great way to introduce this color into your home. Mirrors come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.


Mirrored walls can be used as room dividers or to separate space visually (a feature often found in modern homes). Mirrored surfaces reflect light, which makes rooms feel bigger; they can also make small rooms seem more open. Mirror accents on tables and desks create an illusion of more height and plusher surfaces.